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    Embryo as Person: Buddhism, Bioethics and Society.Suwanda H. J. Sugunasiri - 2005 - Nalanda College of Buddhist Studies.
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    The Whole Body, Not Heart, as 'Seat of Consciousness': The Buddha's View.Suwanda H. J. Sugunasiri - 1995 - Philosophy East and West 45 (3):409-430.
    The traditional view in Theravada Buddhism of the heart (hadaya) as the 'seat of consciousness' is explored. Evidence is sought in the Nikayas, the Abhidhamma and commentaries, Buddhaghosa's "Visuddhimagga" (5th century), and Kassapa's "Mohavicchedani" (12th century). Some possible sources of error are identified. The view is challenged on the basis of the early teachings of the Buddha and the alternative view, that it is the whole body that is the seat of consciousness, is reconstructed. Some possible future comparative research and (...)
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    "Spiritual Interaction," Not "Interfaith Dialogue": A Buddhistic Contribution.Suwanda H. J. Sugunasiri - 1996 - Buddhist-Christian Studies 16:143.
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