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Stephen Lester Thompson
William Paterson University of New Jersey
  1. “Knowwhatumsayin?”: How Hip-Hop Lyrics Mean.Stephen Lester Thompson - 2005 - In Derrick Darby & Tommie L. Shelby (eds.), Hip Hop and Philosophy. Open Court. pp. 119-132.
  2. Interview with Jurgen Habermas.Julie Ford, Stephen Lester Thompson & Elliot Weininger - 1994 - Found Object 3:3-10.
  3. The Critical Pragmatism of Alain Locke: A Reader on Value Theory, Aesthetics, Community, Culture, Race, and Education.Nancy Fraser, Astrid Franke, Sally J. Scholz, Mark Helbling, Judith M. Green, Richard Shusterman, Beth J. Singer, Jane Duran, Earl L. Stewart, Richard Keaveny, Rudolph V. Vanterpool, Greg Moses, Charles Molesworth, Verner D. Mitchell, Clevis Headley, Kenneth W. Stikkers, Talmadge C. Guy, Laverne Gyant, Rudolph A. Cain, Blanche Radford Curry, Segun Gbadegesin, Stephen Lester Thompson & Paul Weithman (eds.) - 1999 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    In its comprehensive overview of Alain Locke's pragmatist philosophy this book captures the radical implications of Locke's approach within pragmatism, the critical temper embedded in Locke's works, the central role of power and empowerment of the oppressed and the concept of broad democracy Locke employed.
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  4. Assertability and Interpretability..Stephen Lester Thompson - manuscript
  5. H. Paul Grice.Stephen Lester Thompson - 2003 - In Phillip Dematteis & Leemon McHenry (eds.), American Philosophers, 1950-2000. Detroit, MI, USA: pp. 71-80.
  6. Review of A Journey Into the Philosophy of Alain Locke by Johnny Washington. [REVIEW]Stephen Lester Thompson - 1995 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 33 (4):703-705.
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  7. Meaning and Social Facts: Interpretation in the Black Speech Community..Stephen Lester Thompson - 1994 - Dissertation, City University of New York
    Attempts within sociolinguistics to model the African American speech community require a sound account of what a competent participant knows when they give correct interpretations of utterances made within such a community, a phenomenon any larger theory of language use ought to address. To provide this account, I reconstruct a line of argument from the philosophical history of discussions on African American speech communities. I give this history in terms of pragmatic arguments, that is, in terms of the ability of (...)
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  8. Meaning in an Epistemic System.Stephen Lester Thompson - 1999 - In Leonard Harris (ed.), The Critical Pragmatism of Alain Locke. Lanham, MD 20706, USA: pp. 291-310.
  9. The Grammar of Civilization: Crummell and Douglass on Doing Things with Words.Stephen Lester Thompson - 1999 - In Bill Lawson & Frank Kirkland (eds.), Frederick Douglass: A Critical Reader. Malden, MA, USA: pp. 173-203.
  10. The Slave in the Republic..Stephen Lester Thompson - manuscript
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  11. Figure..Stephen Lester Thompson - manuscript
  12. An Ontological Puzzle About the Speech of Black Folk.Stephen Lester Thompson - 1993 - Found Object 2:21-29.
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