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Stamatina Liosi
University of Kent at Canterbury
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    Studying Vulnerable Populations Through an Epigenetics Lens: Proceed with Caution.Katie Saulnier, Alison Berner, Stamatina Liosi, Brian Earp, Courtney Berrios, Stephanie O. M. Dyke, Charles Dupras & Yann Joly - 2022 - Canadian Journal of Bioethics / Revue canadienne de bioéthique 5 (1).
    Epigenetics – the study of mechanisms that influence and modify gene expression – is providing unique insights into how an individual’s social and physical environment impact the body at a molecular level, particularly in populations that experience stigmatization and trauma. Researchers are employing epigenetic studies to illuminate how epigenetic modifications lead to imbalances in health outcomes for vulnerable populations. However, the investigation of factors that render a population epigenetically vulnerable present particular ethical and methodological challenges. Here we are concerned with (...)
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