1.  19
    On the law relating processing to storage in working memory.Pierre Barrouillet, Sophie Portrat & Valérie Camos - 2011 - Psychological Review 118 (2):175-192.
  2.  55
    Reconciling Two Computational Models of Working Memory in Aging.Violette Hoareau, Benoît Lemaire, Sophie Portrat & Gaën Plancher - 2016 - Topics in Cognitive Science 8 (1):264-278.
    It is well known that working memory performance changes with age. Two recent computational models of working memory, TBRS* and SOB-CS, developed from young adults WM performances are opposed regarding the postulated causes of forgetting, namely time-based decay and interference for TBRS* and SOB-CS, respectively. In the present study, these models are applied on a set of complex span data produced by young and older adults. As expected, these models are unable to account for the older adult data. An investigation (...)
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    A Computational Model of Working Memory Integrating Time-Based Decay and Interference.Benoît Lemaire & Sophie Portrat - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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