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    An Empirical and Computational Investigation of Perceiving and Remembering Event Temporal Relations.Shulan Lu, Derek Harter & Arthur C. Graesser - 2009 - Cognitive Science 33 (3):345-373.
    Events have beginnings, ends, and often overlap in time. A major question is how perceivers come to parse a stream of multimodal information into meaningful units and how different event boundaries may vary event processing. This work investigates the roles of these three types of event boundaries in constructing event temporal relations. Predictions were made based on how people would err according to the beginning state, end state, and overlap heuristic hypotheses. Participants viewed animated events that include all the logical (...)
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    A synthesis of many levels of constraints as a modern view of development.Derek Harter & Shulan Lu - 2005 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 28 (4):498-499.
    The debate of nativisim versus empiricism is over the relative importance of evolutionary versus ontogenetic mechanisms. This is mostly seen today as a false dichotomy. The synthesis of these positions provides a modern viewpoint of grounded category formation. This combined view places equal importance on feedback between these levels in guiding development, and is more appropriately compared to culturalist positions.
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    Perceiving and describing motion events.Shulan Lu & Donald R. Franceschetti - 2003 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (3):295-296.
    According to Hurford, PREDICATE (x) is correlated with deictic object variables during event perception. This claim is inconsistent with some core literature on the perception of motion events. We point out that the perception of events involves the activation of the modal properties and amodal properties of underlying event structure, for which Hurford's target article fails to account.
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