1.  39
    A signal-detection analysis of fast-and-frugal trees.Shenghua Luan, Lael J. Schooler & Gerd Gigerenzer - 2011 - Psychological Review 118 (2):316-338.
  2.  16
    From perception to preference and on to inference: An approach–avoidance analysis of thresholds.Shenghua Luan, Lael J. Schooler & Gerd Gigerenzer - 2014 - Psychological Review 121 (3):501-525.
  3.  20
    How to Test Cultural Theory: Suggestions for Future Research.Marco Verweij, Shenghua Luan & Mark Nowacki - unknown
    This symposium highlighted the relevance of the cultural theory pioneered by anthropologists Mary Douglas, Steve Rayner, and Michael Thompson and political scientists Aaron Wildavsky and Richard Ellis for explaining political phenomena. In this concluding article, we suggest ways in which CT can be further tested and developed. First, we describe how the theory has been applied thus far and some of the achievements of these applications. Then, we examine some of the challenges revealed by this research. Finally, we discuss ways (...)
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