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    Proving Nothing and Illustrating Much: The Case of Michael Balint.Shaul Bar-Haim - 2020 - History of the Human Sciences 33 (3-4):47-65.
    John Forrester’s book Thinking in Cases does not provide one ultimate definition of what it means to ‘think in cases’, but rather several alternatives: a ‘style of reasoning’, ‘paradigms’ or ‘exemplars’, and ‘language games’, to mention only a few. But for Forrester, the stories behind each of the figures who suggested these different models for thinking are as important as the models themselves. In other words, the question for Forrester is not only what ‘thinking in cases’ is, but also who (...)
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    The Liberal Playground: Susan Isaacs, Psychoanalysis and Progressive Education in the Interwar Era.Shaul Bar-Haim - 2017 - History of the Human Sciences 30 (1):94-117.
    The Cambridge Malting House, an experimental school, serves here as a case study for investigating the tensions within 1920s liberal elites between their desire to abandon some Victorian and Edwardian sets of values in favour of more democratic ones, and at the same time their insistence on preserving themselves as an integral part of the English upper class. Susan Isaacs, the manager of the Malting House, provided the parents – some of whom were the most famous scientists and intellectuals of (...)
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    The Return of the Political Freud? Some Notes on the New Historiography of Psychoanalysis. [REVIEW]Shaul Bar-Haim - forthcoming - History of the Human Sciences:095269511878769.
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    Classics and Psychoanalysis. V. Zajko, E. O'Gorman Classical Myth and Psychoanalysis. Ancient and Modern Stories of the Self. Pp. X + 374. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013. Cased, £75, Us$150. Isbn: 978-0-19-965667-7. [REVIEW]Shaul Bar-Haim - 2015 - The Classical Review 65 (2):601-603.
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