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    Can Determinism Give a Causal Explanation of Intentional Behaviour? Revisiting the Concepts of Determinism, Fatalism and Rational Agency.Sharmistha Dhar - 2015 - Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research 32 (1):79-91.
    In this short piece of work, an attempt has been made to revisit the skepticism about free will, which has historically been directed to it due to certain mistaken assumptions about determinism and iron it out. Determinism is often conflated with fatalism, and this is where the skepticism about the possibility of agential autonomy and control begins. If fatalism is true with respect to volitional actions of agents, then there is no point in planning or choice making as fatalism dissolves (...)
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    A Metaphysics for Phenomenal Freedom: An Analysis From Classical Indian and Western Philosophical Perspectives.Sharmistha Dhar - 2019 - Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research 36 (1):23-37.
    The metaphysical possibility of agency at the phenomenal level, given the truth of a nomological and binding causal force, has long been a moot point in both Indian and western philosophical traditions. While an underlying implication of fatalistic resignation hangs over the possibility of phenomenal freedom within the ambit of the classical Indian interpretation of the Law of Karma, which forms the basis of the assumption that a fatalistic nexus of vāsanā and the ensuing karma circumscribes an agent’s choices, the (...)
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