1. Why Childhood is Bad for Children.Sarah Hannan - 2018 - Journal of Applied Philosophy 35 (S1):11-28.
    This article asks whether being a child is, all things considered, good or bad for children. I defend a predicament view of childhood, which regards childhood as bad overall for children. I argue that four features of childhood make it regrettable: impaired capacity for practical reasoning, lack of an established practical identity, a need to be dominated, and profound and asymmetric vulnerability. I consider recent claims in the literature that childhood is good for children since it allows them to enjoy (...)
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    Childhood Bads, Parenting Goods, and the Right to Procreate.Sarah Hannan & R. J. Leland - 2018 - Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 21 (3):366-384.
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    Permissible Progeny?: The Morality of Procreation and Parenting.Sarah Hannan, Samantha Brennan & Richard Vernon (eds.) - 2015 - Oxford University Press USA.
    This volume contributes to the growing literature on the morality of procreation and parenting. About half of the chapters take up questions about the morality of bringing children into existence. They discuss the following questions: Is it wrong to create human life? Is there a connection between the problem of evil and the morality of procreation? Could there be a duty to procreate? How do the environmental harms imposed by procreation affect its moral status? Given these costs, is the value (...)
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    David Archard, The Family: A Liberal Defence (Great Britain: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), 160 Pp. ISBN: 9780230580596 (Pbk.). Hardback: £50.00. [REVIEW]Sarah Hannan - 2013 - Journal of Moral Philosophy 10 (6):805-807.
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