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Sarah Gibbons [3]Sarah L. Gibbons [3]
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  1. Kant's Theory of Imagination: Bridging Gaps in Judgement and Experience.Sarah L. Gibbons - 1994 - Oxford University Press.
    This book departs from much of the scholarship on Kant by demonstrating the centrality of imagination to Kant's philosophy as a whole. In Kant's works, human experience is simultaneously passive and active, thought and sensed, free and unfree: these dualisms are often thought of as unfortunate byproducts of his system. Gibbons, however, shows that imagination performs a vital function in "bridging gaps" between the different elements of cognition and experience. Thus, the role imagination plays in Kant's works expresses his fundamental (...)
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  2. Kant's Theory or Imagination.Sarah Gibbons - 2002 - Revue Philosophique de la France Et de l'Etranger 192 (4):482-482.
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  3. Kant's Theory of Imagination.Sarah Gibbons, Paul Guyer, Dieter Henrich, Thomas E. Hill & Marshall Farrier - 1996 - Philosophical Quarterly 46 (183):226-237.
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    Kant's Theory of Imagination: Bridging Gaps in Judgement and Experience.G. Felicitas Munzel & Sarah L. Gibbons - 1997 - Philosophical Review 106 (3):485.
    The study is carried out in five chapters, with the first two offering a reconsideration of the function of the imagination in the Transcendental Deduction and Schematism of the first Critique. The last three follow the order of topics discussed by Kant in the third Critique in regard to judgments of taste, the sublime, and teleology; they conclude with an interpretation of "productive imagination" as a "model for the ideal of intellectual intuition". The comparison between "human and divine spontaneity" is (...)
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    Recent Books on Kant: Kant's Theory of Imagination; Kant and the Experience of Freedom; Aesthetic Judgement and the Moral Image of the World; Dignity and Practical Reason; Immanuel Kant; Kant's Compatibilism; Kant's Transcendental Psychology; The Unity of Reason; Kant's Theory of Justice. [REVIEW]Graham Bird, Sarah Gibbons, Paul Guyer, Dieter Henrich, Thomas E. Hill, Otfried Höffe, Marshall Farrier, Hud Hudson, Patricia Kitcher, Susan Neiman, Allen D. Rosen & John H. Zammito - 1996 - Philosophical Quarterly 46 (183):226.
  6. Bridging Gaps Reconstructing Kant's Theory of Imagination.Sarah L. Gibbons - 1990