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  1. Sensation and Scepticism in Plotinus.Sara Magrin - 2010 - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 39:249-297.
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  2. Sensation and Scepticism in Plotinus.Sara Magrin - 2010 - In Brad Inwood (ed.), Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Volume 39. Oxford University Press. pp. 249-297.
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    Nature and Utopia in Epictetus’ Theory of Oikeiōsis.Sara Magrin - 2018 - Phronesis 63 (3):293-350.
    _ Source: _Volume 63, Issue 3, pp 293 - 350 It is widely agreed that there is a gap between the personal and the social ethics of the Stoics due to the difficulty of harmonizing personal and social _oikeiōsis_. By reconstructing Epictetus’ theory of _oikeiōsis_, this paper aims to show that, in his ethics, there is no such gap, and this for two reasons: first, his account of social _oikeiōsis_ is not meant to ground his social ethics; second, his theory (...)
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    Plotinus on the Inner Sense.Sara Magrin - 2015 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 23 (5):864-887.
    Recently, there has been a growing interest in ancient views on consciousness and particularly in their influence on medieval and early modern philosophers. Here I suggest a new interpretation of Plotinus’s account of consciousness which, if correct, may help us to reconsider his role in the history of the notion of the inner sense. I argue that, while explaining how our divided soul can be a unitary subject of the states and activities of its parts, Plotinus develops an original account (...)
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    Freedom and Responsibility in Neoplatonist Thought: Coope, Ursula, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020, Pp. Xi + 279, £55 (Hb). [REVIEW]Sara Magrin - 2022 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 100 (1):207-209.
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    Plotinus' Epistemology and His Reading of the «Theaetetus».Sara Magrin - unknown
    The thesis offers a reconstruction of Plotinus' reading of the Theaetetus, and it presents an account of his epistemology that rests on that reading. It aims to show that Plotinus reads the Theaetetus as containing two anti-sceptical arguments. The first argument is an answer to radical scepticism, namely, to the thesis that nothing is apprehensible and judgement must be suspended on all matters. The second argument is an answer to a more moderate form of scepticism, which does not endorse a (...)
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    Bulletin de philosophie ancienne.Catherine Collobert, Benoît Castelnérac, Gabriela Cursaru, George Englebretsen, Francisco Gonzalez, Margaret R. Graver, David Konstan, Yvon Lafrance, Daniel Larose & Sara Magrin - 2012 - Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale 75 (3):403.
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    Plotinus on the Soul. [REVIEW]Sara Magrin - 2017 - Ancient Philosophy 37 (1):238-242.
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