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    How Can I Become a Responsible Subject? Towards a Practice-Based Ethics of Responsiveness.Bernadette Loacker & Sara Louise Muhr - 2009 - Journal of Business Ethics 90 (2):265-277.
    Approaches to business ethics can be roughly divided into two streams: ‹codes of behavior’ and ‹forms of subjectification’, with code-oriented approaches clearly dominating the field. Through an elaboration of poststructuralist approaches to moral philosophy, this paper questions the emphasis on codes of behaviour and, thus, the conceptions of the moral and responsible subject that are inherent in rule-based approaches. As a consequence of this critique, the concept of a practice-based ‹ethics of responsiveness’ in which ethics is never final but rather (...)
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    Othering Diversity – a Levinasian Analysis of Diversity Management.Sara Louise Muhr - 2008 - International Journal of Management Concepts and Philosophy 3 (2):176.
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    Crisis, Responsibility, Death: Sacrifice and Leadership in School Shootings.Sara Louise Muhr & Jeanette Lemmergaard - 2009 - Philosophy of Management 8 (2):21-30.
    Within recent years, we have witnessed an alarming increase in so-called school-shootings, where one or more students enter their school and purposely start shooting other students or staff. Earlier, the phenomenon was primarily American, but lately school-shootings have also been seen in Canada, Europe, and Australia. School-shootings have become an increasing problem and the phenomenon calls for more thorough investigation. In this article, we analyse the actions of teachers, more specifically the ones where teachers give their lives to save students. (...)
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