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    Beyond individualism: Is there a place for relational autonomy in clinical practice and research?Edward S. Dove, Susan E. Kelly, Federica Lucivero, Mavis Machirori, Sandi Dheensa & Barbara Prainsack - 2017 - Clinical Ethics 12 (3):150-165.
    The dominant, individualistic understanding of autonomy that features in clinical practice and research is underpinned by the idea that people are, in their ideal form, independent, self-interested and rational gain-maximising decision-makers. In recent decades, this paradigm has been challenged from various disciplinary and intellectual directions. Proponents of ‘relational autonomy’ in particular have argued that people’s identities, needs, interests – and indeed autonomy – are always also shaped by their relations to others. Yet, despite the pronounced and nuanced critique directed at (...)
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    ‘Is this knowledge mine and nobody else's? I don't feel that.’ Patient views about consent, confidentiality and information-sharing in genetic medicine: Table 1.Sandi Dheensa, Angela Fenwick & Anneke Lucassen - 2016 - Journal of Medical Ethics 42 (3):174-179.
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    Towards a national genomics medicine service: the challenges facing clinical-research hybrid practices and the case of the 100 000 genomes project. [REVIEW]Sandi Dheensa, Gabrielle Samuel, Anneke M. Lucassen & Bobbie Farsides - 2018 - Journal of Medical Ethics 44 (6):397-403.
    Clinical practice and research are governed by distinct rules and regulations and have different approaches to, for example, consent and providing results. However, genomics is an example of where research and clinical practice have become codependent. The 100 000 genomes project is a hybrid venture where a person can obtain a clinical investigation only if he or she agrees to also participate in ongoing research—including research by industry and commercial companies. In this paper, which draws on 20 interviews with professional (...)
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    Rescue Obligations and Collective Approaches: Complexities in Genomics.Angela Fenwick, Sandi Dheensa, Gillian Crawford, Shiri Shkedi-Rafid & Anneke Lucassen - 2015 - American Journal of Bioethics 15 (2):23-25.
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    Perspectives on Achieving Institutional Trust in Personalized Medicine.Gabrielle Samuel & Sandi Dheensa - 2018 - American Journal of Bioethics 18 (4):39-41.
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