1.  9
    Newman and explanation-sketches.S. T. Goh - 1967 - Philosophy of Science 34 (3):273-275.
    In his article “Explanation Sketches” [3], Fred Newman argues that Scriven is mistaken in his interpretation of Hempel's notion of explanation sketch. According to Scriven, to complete an explanation is to fill in further initial conditions so that the explanandum of the sketch would be entailed by the new enlarged set of initial conditions. The point may be alternatively put by saying that according to Scriven to have a complete explanation is to have a covering-law which connects initial conditions with (...)
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  2.  99
    Some observations on the deductive-nomological theory.S. T. Goh - 1970 - Mind 79 (315):408-414.
  3.  40
    The logic of explanation in anthropology.S. T. Goh - 1970 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 13 (1-4):339 – 359.
    This paper is about the problem of explanation in anthropology. There are, broadly speaking, three theories of explanation, namely, the scientific theory, the historical theory, and finally what I have decided to call the phenomenological theory, after M. Natanson. The author argues that none of the three theories is adequate by itself to encompass the complex nature of anthropological science. The three theories correspond roughly to at least three different types of questions raised by anthropologists, and this being the case (...)
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