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  1. Maximal paraconsistent extension of Johansson logic.S. P. Odintsov - 1998 - Logique Et Analyse 161:162-163.
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  2. Representation of j-algebras and Segerberg's logics.S. P. Odintsov - 1999 - Logique Et Analyse 42 (166):81-106.
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    Inconsistency-tolerant description logic. Part II: A tableau algorithm for CALC C.S. P. Odintsov & H. Wansing - 2008 - Journal of Applied Logic 6 (3):343-360.
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    On the embedding of Nelson's logics.S. P. Odintsov - 2002 - Bulletin of the Section of Logic 31 (4):241-248.
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    “Reductio ad absurdum” and Łukasiewicz's modalities.S. P. Odintsov - 2003 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 11:149-166.
    The present article contains part of results from my lecture delivered at II Flemish-Polish workshop on Ontological Foundation of Paraconsistency.
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    On deductive bases for paraconsistent answer set semantics.N. V. Mayatskiy & S. P. Odintsov - 2013 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 23 (1-2):131-146.
    It was proved by Odintsov and Pearce that the logic is a deductive base for paraconsistent answer set semantics of logic programs with two kinds of negation. Here we describe the lattice of logics extending, characterise these logics via classes of -models, and prove that none of the proper extensions of is a deductive base for PAS.
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