Sabina Gainotti [3]S. Gainotti [2]
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    From compulsory to voluntary immunisation: Italy's National Vaccination Plan (2005-7) and the ethical and organisational challenges facing public health policy-makers across Europe. [REVIEW]N. E. Moran, S. Gainotti & C. Petrini - 2008 - Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (9):669-674.
    Increasing geographical mobility and international travel augment the ease and speed by which infectious diseases can spread across large distances. It is therefore incumbent upon each state to ensure that immunisation programmes are effective and that herd immunity is achieved. Across Europe, a range of immunisation policies exist: compulsion, the offer of financial incentives to parents or healthcare professionals, social and professional pressure, or simply the dissemination of clear information and advice. Until recently, immunisation against particular communicable diseases was compulsory (...)
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    Informed consent in clinical research in France: assessment and factors associated with therapeutic misconception.I. S. Durand-Zaleski, C. Alberti, P. Durieux, X. Duval, S. Gottot, P. Ravaud, S. Gainotti, C. Vincent-Genod, D. Moreau & P. Amiel - 2008 - Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (9):e16-e16.
    Background: Informed consent in clinical research is mandated throughout the world. Both patient subjects and investigators are required to understand and accept the distinction between research and treatment.Aim: To document the extent and to identify factors associated with therapeutic misconception in a population of patient subjects or parent proxies recruited from a variety of multicentre trials .Patients and methods: The study comprised two phases: the development of a questionnaire to assess the quality of informed consent and a survey of patient (...)
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    Insurance Policies for Clinical Trials in the United States and in some European Countries.Sabina Gainotti & Carlo Petrini - 2010 - Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics 1 (1).
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    Ethical models underpinning responses to threats to public health: A comparison of approaches to communicable disease control in europe.Sabina Gainotti, Nicola Moran, Carlo Petrini & Darren Shickle - 2008 - Bioethics 22 (9):466-476.
    Increases in international travel and migratory flows have enabled infectious diseases to emerge and spread more rapidly than ever before. Hence, it is increasingly easy for local infectious diseases to become global infectious diseases (GIDs). National governments must be able to react quickly and effectively to GIDs, whether naturally occurring or intentionally instigated by bioterrorism. According to the World Health Organisation, global partnerships are necessary to gather the most up-to-date information and to mobilize resources to tackle GIDs when necessary. Communicable (...)
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    Therapeutic Misconception in Early Phase Trials: Relation is the Cure.Sabina Gainotti & Carlo Petrini - 2011 - Journal of Clinical Research and Bioethics 2 (3).
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