Shunichi Fukuhara [7]S. Fukuhara [2]
  1. Medical decisions concerning the end of life: a discussion with Japanese physicians.A. Asai, S. Fukuhara, O. Inoshita, Y. Miura, N. Tanabe & K. Kurokawa - 1997 - Journal of Medical Ethics 23 (5):323-327.
    OBJECTIVES: Life-sustaining treatment at the end of life gives rise to many ethical problems in Japan. Recent surveys of Japanese physicians suggested that they tend to treat terminally ill patients aggressively. We studied why Japanese physicians were reluctant to withhold or withdraw life-support from terminally ill patients and what affected their decisions. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS: A qualitative study design was employed, using a focus group interview with seven physicians, to gain an in-depth understanding of attitudes and rationales in Japan regarding (...)
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  2.  87
    Survey of Japanese physicians' attitudes towards the care of adult patients in persistent vegetative state.A. Asai, M. Maekawa, I. Akiguchi, T. Fukui, Y. Miura, N. Tanabe & S. Fukuhara - 1999 - Journal of Medical Ethics 25 (4):302-308.
  3.  46
    Focus group interviews examining attitudes towards medical research among the japanese: A qualitative study.Atsushi Asai, Motoki Ohnishi, Etsuyo Nishigaki, Miho Sekimoto, Shunichi Fukuhara & Tsuguya Fukui - 2004 - Bioethics 18 (5):448–470.
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    A novel Internet‐based blended learning programme providing core competency in clinical research.Yukio Tsugihashi, Naoki Kakudate, Yoko Yokoyama, Yosuke Yamamoto, Hiroki Mishina, Norio Fukumori, Fumiaki Nakamura, Misa Takegami, Shinya Ohno, Takafumi Wakita, Kazuhiro Watanabe, Takuhiro Yamaguchi & Shunichi Fukuhara - 2013 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 19 (2):250-255.
  5.  47
    Acculturation and end-of-life decision making: Comparison of japanese and japanese-american focus groups.Seiji Bito, Shinji Matsumura, Marjorie Kagawa Singer, Lisa S. Meredith, Shunichi Fukuhara & Neil S. Wenger - 2007 - Bioethics 21 (5):251–262.
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  6.  26
    Effect of feedback in promoting adherence to an exercise programme: a randomized controlled trial.Masaaki Shakudo, Misa Takegami, Ai Shibata, Miki Kuzumaki, Takahiro Higashi, Yasuaki Hayashino, Yoshimi Suzukamo, Satoshi Morita, Michio Katsuki & Shunichi Fukuhara - 2011 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 17 (1):7-11.
  7.  23
    Opinion of Japanese rheumatology physicians on methods of assessing the quality of rheumatoid arthritis care.Takahiro Higashi, Shunichi Fukuhara & Takeo Nakayama - 2012 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 18 (2):290-295.
  8.  15
    Keeping vulnerable elderly patients free from pressure ulcer is associated with high caregiver burden in informal caregivers.Yosuke Yamamoto, Yasuaki Hayashino, Takahiro Higashi, Miho Matsui, Shin Yamazaki, Misa Takegami, Yoshiki Miyachi & Shunichi Fukuhara - 2010 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 16 (3):585-589.
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    Development of the outcome expectancy scale for self‐care among periodontal disease patients.Naoki Kakudate, Manabu Morita, Shunichi Fukuhara, Makoto Sugai, Masato Nagayama, Emiko Isogai, Masamitsu Kawanami & Itsuo Chiba - 2011 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 17 (6):1023-1029.