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  1. Elements of a theory of human rights.S. E. N. Amartya - 2004 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 32 (4):315–356.
  2. Why exactly is commitment important for rationality?S. E. N. Amartya - 2005 - Economics and Philosophy 21 (1):5-14.
    Gary Becker and others have done important work to broaden the content of self interest, but have not departed from seeing rationality in terms of the exclusive pursuit of self-interest. One reason why committed behavior is important is that a person can have good reason to pursue objectives other than self interest maximization (no matter how broadly it is construed). Indeed, one can also follow rules of behavior that go beyond the pursuit of one's own goals, even if the goals (...)
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  3. Derechos humanos y valores asiáticos.S. E. N. Amartya - 2001 - Anales de la Cátedra Francisco Suárez 35:129-147.
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    Legal Rights and Moral Rights: Old Questions and New Problems.S. E. N. Amartya - 1996 - Ratio Juris 9 (2):153-167.
    Abstract.The author examines the discipline of moral rights and in particular the need to embed them in a consequential system. He argues that the widely held opinion that independence from consequential evaluation is the right way of guaranteeing individual freedom is based on an inadequate appraisal of the role of moral rights in the social context. In this perspective he examines two specific cases: (1) elementary political and civil rights, and (2) the reproductive rights of women in the context of (...)
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  5. The Reach of Reason.S. E. N. Amartya - 2009 - International Journal on Humanistic Ideology 2 (2):13-35.
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