1. Justice Is Conflict.Stuart Hampshire, George Klosko, John Tomasi & Ross Zucker - 2003 - Political Theory 31 (4):589-601.
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  2. Democratic Distributive Justice.Ross Zucker - 2000 - Cambridge University Press.
    By exploring the integral relationship between democracy and economic justice, Democratic Distributive Justice seeks to explain how democratic countries with market systems should deal with the problem of high levels of income-inequality. The book acts as a guide for dealing with this issue by providing an interdisciplinary approach that combines political, economic, and legal theory. It also analyzes the nature of economic society and puts forth a new understanding of the agents and considerations bearing upon the ethics of relative pay, (...)
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    Preface to Social Theory of Property Rights.Ross Zucker - 1995 - Ratio Juris 8 (2):199-211.
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    Unequal Property and Subjective Personality in Liberal Theories.Ross Zucker - 1993 - Ratio Juris 6 (1):86-117.
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    British Idealism and Political Theory.Ross Zucker - 2002 - Contemporary Political Theory 1 (2):256-258.