1. Spatial representation: problems in philosophy and psychology.Naomi Eilan, Rosaleen A. McCarthy & Bill Brewer (eds.) - 1993 - Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell.
    Spatial Representation presents original, specially written essays by leading psychologists and philosophers on a fascinating set of topics at the intersection of these two disciplines. They address such questions as these: Do the extraordinary navigational abilities of birds mean that these birds have the same kind of grip on the idea of a spatial world as we do? Is there a difference between the way sighted and blind subjects represent the world 'out there'? Does the study of brain-injured subjects, such (...)
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    Backtracking? Rehearsing and replaying some old arguments about short-term memory.Rosaleen A. McCarthy & E. K. Warrington - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (1):107-108.
    We discuss the role of short-term auditory verbal storage within a working memory system. Data from single case studies of patients with left parietal lesions and selective impairment of memory span are discussed in order to address the question of the functions of short-term memory in language processing. The backup resource of auditory verbal short-term memory is required for those tasks that necessitate backtracking in order to integrate a verbal message within a developing central cognitive representation.
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    Neuropsychology: Going loco?Rosaleen A. McCarthy - 1994 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17 (1):73-74.