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Rosa Luxemburg
Middle East Technical University
  1. Selected Political Writings of Rosa Luxemburg.Rosa Luxemburg & Dick Howard - 1973 - Science and Society 37 (2):242-244.
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    Chapter Two. Imperialism, Self-Determination, and Violence.Frantz Fanon, Hannah Arendt & Rosa Luxemburg - 2009 - In Joan Cocks (ed.), Passion and Paradox: Intellectuals Confront the National Question. Princeton University Press. pp. 45-70.
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  3. Rosa Luxemburg: Writings and Reflections.Rosa Luxemburg & Paul Le Blanc (eds.) - 1999 - Humanity Books.
    An advocate of radical democracy and individual responsibility, Rosa Luxemburg remains the most eminent representative of the libertarian socialist tradition. A reevaluation and renewal within the Left has allowed the ideas of Luxemburg to assume greater vitality and relevance today than ever before. This volume provides an essential representative sampling of Luxemburg's writings that have generally not been among those commonly anthologized. That she had a powerful impact on every generation of the 20th century is documented in the accompanying essays, (...)
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