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    Toward an integrated theory of insight in problem solving.Robert W. Weisberg - 2015 - Thinking and Reasoning 21 (1):5-39.
    The study of insight in problem solving and creative thinking has seen an upsurge of interest in the last 30 years. Current theorising concerning insight has taken one of two tacks. The special-process view, which grew out of the Gestalt psychologists’ theorising about insight, proposes that insight is the result of a dedicated set of processes that is activated by the individual's reaching impasse while trying to deal with a problematic situation. In contrast, the business-as-usual view argues that insight is (...)
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    Verbal behavior and problem solving: Some effects of labeling in a functional fixedness problem.Sam Glucksberg & Robert W. Weisberg - 1966 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 71 (5):659.
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    Creativity and Bipolar Diathesis: Common Behavioural and Cognitive Components.Pamela J. Shapiro & Robert W. Weisberg - 1999 - Cognition and Emotion 13 (6):741-762.
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    Processing syntactically ambiguous sentences.Jerry M. Suls & Robert W. Weisberg - 1970 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 86 (1):112.
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    Creativity and practice.Robert W. Weisberg - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (3):429-430.
    The target article examines the role of practice in the development of excellence in several domains that vary in the degree of innovation involved. The authors do not differentiate domains, but they discuss the development of specifically creative skills only in passing. This commentary presents evidence that practice plays a role in the development of musical composition, through an examination of the careers of Mozart and the Beatles.
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    Competence, performance, and ignorance.Robert W. Weisberg - 1981 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 4 (3):356-358.
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    Sentence processing assessed through intrasentence word associations.Robert W. Weisberg - 1969 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 82 (2):332.
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    The creative mind versus the creative computer.Robert W. Weisberg - 1994 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17 (3):555-557.
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