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  1. The Contract Research Organization and the Commercialization of Scientific Research.Philip Mirowski & Robert Van Horn - 2005 - Social Studies of Science 35 (4):503-48.
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    Inland Empire: Economics Imperialism as an Imperative of Chicago Neoliberalism.Edward Nik-Khah & Robert Van Horn - 2012 - Journal of Economic Methodology 19 (3):259-282.
    Recent work such as Steven Levitt's Freakonomics has prompted economic methodologists to reevaluate the state of relations between economics and its neighboring disciplines. Although this emerging literature on ?economics imperialism? has its merits, the positions advanced within it have been remarkably divergent: some have argued that economics imperialism is a fiction; others that it is a fact attributable to the triumph of neoclassical economics; and yet others that the era of economics imperialism is over. We believe the confusion results in (...)
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  3. The Road to a World Made Safe for Corporations: The Rise of the Chicago School.Robert Van Horn & Philip Mirowski - forthcoming - Modern Intellectual History.
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    Building Chicago Economics: New Perspectives on the History of America's Most Powerful Economics Program.Robert Van Horn, Philip Mirowski & Thomas A. Stapleford (eds.) - 2011 - Cambridge University Press.
    Over the past forty years, economists associated with the University of Chicago have won more than one-third of the Nobel prizes awarded in their discipline and have been major influences on American public policy. Building Chicago Economics presents the first collective attempt by social science historians to chart the rise and development of the Chicago School during the decades that followed the Second World War. Drawing on new research in published and archival sources, contributors examine the people, institutions and ideas (...)
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