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    The question not asked: The challenge of pleiotropic genetic tests.Robert Samuel Wachbroit - 1998 - Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 8 (2):131-144.
    : Nearly all of the literature on the ethical, legal, or social issues surrounding genetic tests has proceeded on the assumption that any particular test for a gene mutation yields information about only one disease condition. Even though the phenomenon of pleiotropy, where a single gene has multiple, apparently unrelated phenotypic effects, is widely recognized in genetics, it has not had much significance for genetic testing until recently. In this article, I examine a moral dilemma created by one sort of (...)
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  2. Truth and Understanding: The Dispute Between Realist and Non-Realist Conceptions.Robert Samuel Wachbroit - 1979 - Dissertation, University of California, Berkeley
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    [Book review] genetics and criminal behavior. [REVIEW]David Wasserman & Robert Samuel Wachbroit - 2002 - Ethics 113 (1):185-187.
    In this 2001 volume a group of leading philosophers address some of the basic conceptual, methodological and ethical issues raised by genetic research into criminal behavior. The essays explore the complexities of tracing any genetic influence on criminal, violent or antisocial behavior; the varieties of interpretations to which evidence of such influences is subject; and the relevance of such influences to the moral and legal appraisal of criminal conduct. The distinctive features of this collection are: first, that it advances public (...)
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