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    Are conglomerates less environmentally responsible? An empirical examination of diversification strategy and subsidiary pollution in the U.s. Chemical industry.Robert S. Dooley & Gerald E. Fryxell - 1999 - Journal of Business Ethics 21 (1):1 - 14.
    This study examines the relationship between corporate diversification strategy and the pollution activity of subsidiaries within the U.S. chemical industry using TRI data (EPA's Toxic Release Inventory). The subsidiaries of conglomerates were found to exhibit higher pollution levels for direct emissions than those of firms pursuing more related diversification strategies. Additionally, the subsidiaries of conglomerates exhibited more variance in overall pollution emissions compared to related diversified firms.
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    Ethical or practical: An empirical study of students' choices in simulated business scenarios. [REVIEW]Charles S. White & Robert S. Dooley - 1993 - Journal of Business Ethics 12 (8):643 - 651.
    Graduate and undergraduate students were asked to evaluate the ethicality and practicality of the lead character in several case scenarios. Students' responses indicated they believed practicality was more important than ethicality. The majority of students were able to determine the correct ethicality of the cases presented to them. The authors conclude that more research is needed in the antecedents of a student's value system.
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    Pollution, profits, and stakeholders: The constraining effect of economic performance on CEO concern with stakeholder expectations. [REVIEW]Robert S. Dooley & Linda D. Lerner - 1994 - Journal of Business Ethics 13 (9):701 - 711.
    This study examined the constraining effect of economic performance on the relationship between CEO stakeholder orientations and four pollution performance categories. Economic performance was found to moderate the relationship for two of the four categories. Additionally economic performance was found to consistently interact with some CEO stakeholder orientations and not others. Overall the results suggest that CEO concern with stakeholder expectations is in large part moderate by the economic performance of the firm.
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