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    Refractoriness about adaptation.Robert P. O'Shea - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
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    "Abnormal fusion" of stereopsis and binocular rivalry.Randolph Blake & Robert P. O'Shea - 1988 - Psychological Review 95 (1):151-154.
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    Binocular rivalry between complex stimuli in split-brain observers.Robert P. O'Shea & Paul M. Corballis - 2001 - Brain and Mind 2 (1):151-160.
    We investigated binocular rivalry in the twocerebral hemispheres of callosotomized(split-brain) observers. We found that rivalryoccurs for complex stimuli in split-brainobservers, and that it is similar in the twohemispheres. This poses difficulties for twotheories of rivalry: (1) that rivalry occursbecause of switching of activity between thetwo hemispheres, and (2) that rivalry iscontrolled by a structure in the rightfrontoparietal cortex. Instead, similar rivalryfrom the two hemispheres is consistent with atheory that its mechanism is low in the visualsystem, at which each hemisphere conducts (...)
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    Can eye of origin serve as a deviant? Visual mismatch negativity from binocular rivalry.Manja van Rhijn, Urte Roeber & Robert P. O'Shea - 2013 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7.