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Robert J. Cavalier [6]Robert John Cavalier [1]
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    Ethics in the history of western philosophy.Robert J. Cavalier, James Gouinlock & James P. Sterba (eds.) - 1989 - New York: St. Martin's Press.
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    Plato for beginners.Robert J. Cavalier - 1990 - Danbury, CT: For Beginners. Edited by Eric Lurio.
    All philosophy is a footnote to Plato. No other person so shaped the Western world and the way we think about it. Plato’s questions remain as real for us today as they were 2500 years ago, and as human beings, we can not avoid their presence nor shirk our responsibility to attempt to answer them: What is Justice? What is Truth? What is Beauty? What kind of society should we build? How do we know what we know? Plato For Beginners (...)
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    The Impact of the Internet on Our Moral Lives.Robert J. Cavalier (ed.) - 2005 - State University of New York Press.
    Leading theorists explore how the Internet impacts privacy issues, sensitivity to wrongdoing, and cultural and personal identity.
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    They Review Software, Don't They? [REVIEW]Robert J. Cavalier - 1985 - Teaching Philosophy 8 (3):242-244.