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Robert Hattam
University of South Australia
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    Philosophy of Education in a New Key: Publicness, Social Justice, and Education; a South-North Conversation.Marek Tesar, Michael A. Peters, Robert Hattam, Leah O’Toole, Lester-Irabinna Rigney, Kathryn Paige, Suzanne O’Keeffe, Hannah Soong, Carl Anders Säfström, Jenni Carter, Alison Wrench, Deirdre Forde, Sam Osborne, Lotar Rasiński, Hana Cervinkova, Kathleen Heugh & Gert Biesta - 2022 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 54 (8):1216-1233.
    Public education is not just a way to organise and fund education. It is also the expression of a particular ideal about education and of a particular way to conceive of the relationship between education and society. The ideal of public education sees education as an important dimension of the common good and as an important institution in securing the common good. The common good is never what individuals or particular groups want or desire, but always reaches beyond such particular (...)
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  2. Teachers' Work in a Globalizing Economy.John Smyth, Alistair Dow, Robert Hattam, Geoffrey Shacklock & Alan Reid - 2000 - Psychology Press.
    Extended critical case studies provide a tangible working expression of the labour process of teaching, showing how teachers are simultaneously experiencing significant changes to their work, as well as responding in ways that actively shape these processes. For teachers and researchers, this book shows what processes are at work in the global economy which impact on, and sometimes control, the role of the teacher. It also reveals how teachers accommodate, resist or redefine their working circumstances, and explores methods researchers might (...)
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  3. Teachers' Work in a Globalizing Economy.John Smyth, Alastair Dow, Robert Hattam, Alan Reid & Geoffrey Shacklock - 2001 - British Journal of Educational Studies 49 (1):103-105.
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    Technologies of Self and the Cultivation of Virtues.Robert Hattam & Bernadette Baker - 2015 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 49 (2):255-273.
    In this article we engage with and against Foucault's provocation to think about diagrams of subjectivation. With Foucault we take up his meditation on spirituality and propose a Buddhist alternative to Greco-Roman technologies of self. Against Foucault's notion of an ‘arts of existence’ we suggest instead ‘cultivation of virtue’, drawing on, as an example, a famous Buddhist meditation on compassion. We conclude the article by proposing rethinking doctoral supervision in terms of a cultivation of virtue.
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    Pedagogies of Non-self as Practices of Freedom.Robert Hattam - 2020 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 40 (1):51-65.
    This paper assumes that educators are now involved in a struggle for their souls and for the souls of their students. The idea of the soul in this case is not the religious one, but the soul invoked by Foucault to name that aspect of self, that ‘exists, or is produced … within the body … or born … out of methods of punishment, supervision and constraint’. Neoliberalising social policy not only aims to transform structures and enact new technologies of (...)
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