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    Computability and Physical Theories.Robert Geroch & James B. Hartle - 1986 - Foundations of Physics 16 (6):533-550.
    The familiar theories of physics have the feature that the application of the theory to make predictions in specific circumstances can be done by means of an algorithm. We propose a more precise formulation of this feature—one based on the issue of whether or not the physically measurable numbers predicted by the theory are computable in the mathematical sense. Applying this formulation to one approach to a quantum theory of gravity, there are found indications that there may exist no such (...)
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    The Motion of Small Bodies in Space‐Time.Robert Geroch & James Owen Weatherall - unknown
    We consider the motion of small bodies in general relativity. The key result captures a sense in which such bodies follow timelike geodesics. This result clarifies the relationship between approaches that model such bodies as distributions supported on a curve, and those that employ smooth fields supported in small neighborhoods of a curve. This result also applies to "bodies" constructed from wave packets of Maxwell or Klein-Gordon fields. There follows a simple and precise formulation of the optical limit for Maxwell (...)
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    The Everett Interpretation.Robert Geroch - 1984 - Noûs 18 (4):617-633.