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    Is There Progress in Economics? Knowledge, Truth and the History of Economic Thought. Stephan Boehm, Christian Gehrke, Heinz D. Kurz, Richard Sturn (eds).Boehm Stephan, Christian Gehrke, Heinz D. Kurz, Richard Sturn, Donald Winch, Mark Blaug, Klaus Hamberger, Jack Birner, Sergio Cremaschi, Roger E. Backhouse, Uskali Maki, Luigi Pasinetti, Erich W. Streissler, Philippe Mongin, Augusto Graziani, Hans-Michael Trautwein, Stephen J. Meardon, Andrea Maneschi, Sergio Parrinello, Manuel Fernandez-Lopez, Richard van den Berg, Sandye Gloria-Palermo, Hansjorg Klausinger, Maurice Lageux, Fabio Ravagnani, Neri Salvadori & Pierangelo Garegnani - 2002 - Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
    This thought-provoking book discusses the concept of progress in economics and investigates whether any advance has been made in its different spheres of research. The authors look back at the history, successes and failures of their respective fields and thoroughly examine the notion of progress from an epistemological and methodological perspective. The idea of progress is particularly significant as the authors regard it as an essentially contested concept which can be defined in many ways – theoretically or empirically; locally or (...)
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    Richard Cantillon's Early Monetary Views?Richard van den Berg - 2012 - Economic Thought 1 (1).
    The monetary theories in Philip Cantillon's The Analysis of Trade (1759) differ in important respects from those found in Richard Cantillon's much more famous Essai sur la nature de Commerce en general (1759). Contrary to the received opinion that the Analysis was a poor translation of the Essai, it is argued in this paper that many of these differences are due to the fact that Philip based his book on an earlier draft of his cousin's great work. Comparisons between the (...)
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