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  1. Ethics and education.Richard Stanley Peters - 1966 - London,: Allen & Unwin.
    First published in 1966, this book was written to serve as an introductory textbook in the philosophy of education, focusing on ethics and social philosophy. It presents a distinctive point of view both about education and ethical theory and arrived at a time when education was a matter of great public concern. It looks at questions such as ‘What do we actually mean by education?’ and provides a proper ethical foundation for education in a democratic society. The book will appeal (...)
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  2. The philosophy of education.Richard Stanley Peters - 1973 - [London]: Oxford University Press.
  3. Education and the education of teachers.Richard Stanley Peters - 1977 - Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    educated man1 Some further reflections 1 The comparison with 'reform' In reflecting, in the past, on the sort of term that 'education' is I have usually ...
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    Psychology and ethical development: a collection of articles on psychological theories, ethical development and human understanding.Richard Stanley Peters - 1974 - London: Allen & Unwin.
    First published in 1974, this book presents a coherent collection of major articles by Richard Stanley Peters. It displays his work on psychology and philosophy, with special attention given to the areas of ethical development and human understanding. The book is split into four parts. The first combines a critique of psychological theories, especially those of Freud, Piaget and the Behaviourists, with some articles on the nature and development of reason and the emotions. The second looks in historical order at (...)
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    Authority, responsibility and education.Richard Stanley Peters - 1960 - New York,: Eriksson.
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    Essays on educators.Richard Stanley Peters - 1981 - Boston: Allen & Unwin.
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    Hobbes.Richard Stanley Peters - 1956 - Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.
    Leven en werk van Engelse wijsgeer Thomas Hobbes.
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    Reason, morality and religion.Richard Stanley Peters - 1972 - London,: Friends Home Service Committee.
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    Perspectives on Plowden.Richard Stanley Peters - 1969 - New York,: Humanities P..
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    Nature and conduct.Richard Stanley Peters (ed.) - 1975 - New York: St. Martin's Press.
    Bambrough, R. Essay on man.--Quinton, A. Has man an essence?--Warnock, G. J. Kant and anthropology.--Honderich, T. On inequality and violence, and the differences we make between them.--Cherry, C. Agreement, objectivity and the sentiment of humanity in morals.--Gregory, I. Psycho-analysis, human nature and human conduct.--Gosling, J. The natural supremacy of conscience.--Scruton, R. Reason and happiness.--Wollheim, R. Needs, desires, and moral turpitude.--Hollis, M. My role and its duties.--Watkins, J. Three views concerning human freedom.--Letwin, S. R. Nature, history, and morality.--Passmore, J. Attitudes to (...)
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  11. Education, values, and mind: essays for R.S. Peters.Richard Stanley Peters & David Edward Cooper (eds.) - 1986 - Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    David E. Cooper Early in, while I was teaching in the United States, I received news of my appointment as a lecturer in the philosophy of education at the ...
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    John Dewey reconsidered.Richard Stanley Peters (ed.) - 1977 - Boston: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    John Dewey's theory of knowledge Anthony Quinton Introduction Pragmatism began as a theory of meaning. It is often dated from the publication in of Peirce's ...
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