1.  10
    Interoceptive awareness in eating disorders: Distinguishing lack of clarity from non-acceptance of internal experience.Rhonda M. Merwin, Nancy L. Zucker, Jennie L. Lacy & Camden A. Elliott - 2010 - Cognition and Emotion 24 (5):892-902.
  2.  10
    Emotion regulation difficulties in anorexia nervosa: Relationship to self-perceived sensory sensitivity.Rhonda M. Merwin, Ashley A. Moskovich, H. Ryan Wagner, Lorie A. Ritschel, Linda W. Craighead & Nancy L. Zucker - 2013 - Cognition and Emotion 27 (3):441-452.
  3.  15
    To Help or Not to Help? Prosocial Behavior, Its Association With Well-Being, and Predictors of Prosocial Behavior During the Coronavirus Disease Pandemic.Elisa Haller, Jelena Lubenko, Giovambattista Presti, Valeria Squatrito, Marios Constantinou, Christiana Nicolaou, Savvas Papacostas, Gökçen Aydın, Yuen Yu Chong, Wai Tong Chien, Ho Yu Cheng, Francisco J. Ruiz, María B. García-Martín, Diana P. Obando-Posada, Miguel A. Segura-Vargas, Vasilis S. Vasiliou, Louise McHugh, Stefan Höfer, Adriana Baban, David Dias Neto, Ana Nunes da Silva, Jean-Louis Monestès, Javier Alvarez-Galvez, Marisa Paez-Blarrina, Francisco Montesinos, Sonsoles Valdivia-Salas, Dorottya Ori, Bartosz Kleszcz, Raimo Lappalainen, Iva Ivanović, David Gosar, Frederick Dionne, Rhonda M. Merwin, Maria Karekla, Angelos P. Kassianos & Andrew T. Gloster - 2022 - Frontiers in Psychology 12.
    The coronavirus disease pandemic fundamentally disrupted humans’ social life and behavior. Public health measures may have inadvertently impacted how people care for each other. This study investigated prosocial behavior, its association well-being, and predictors of prosocial behavior during the first COVID-19 pandemic lockdown and sought to understand whether region-specific differences exist. Participants from eight regions clustering multiple countries around the world responded to a cross-sectional online-survey investigating the psychological consequences of the first upsurge of lockdowns in spring 2020. Prosocial behavior (...)
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