1.  80
    Technology in Medicine: Ontology, Epistemology, Ethics and Social Philosophy at the Crossroads.Rein Vos & Dick L. Willems - 2000 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 21 (1):1-7.
    In reference to the different approaches in philosophy(of medicine) of the nature of (medical) technology,this article introduces the topic of this specialissue of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics, that is,the way the different forms of medical technologyfunction in everyday medical practice. The authorselaborate on the active role technology plays inshaping our views on disease, illness, and the body,whence in shaping our world.
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  2.  59
    Evidence-Based Medicine and Power Shifts in Health Care Systems.Rein Vos, Rob Houtepen & Klasien Horstman - 2002 - Health Care Analysis 10 (3):319-328.
    It is important and urgent to question therelationship between evidence-based medicineand power shifts in health care systems.Although definitions of EBM are phrased as ascientific approach to medicine, EBM is anormative concept: it aims to improve medicineand health care. Both proponents and opponentsuse a normative concept. More particularly,they provide particular views on positions,responsibilities, possibilities, norms andrelationships between professionals, patientgroups, governments and other parties in healthcare and society. From this perspective, wewant to analyse the role of EBM in modernwestern societies. By using (...)
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  3.  30
    Design Research Programs and the Logic of Their Development.Theo A. F. Kuipers, Rein Vos & Hauke Sie - 1992 - Erkenntnis 37 (1):37 - 63.
    Design research programs attempt to bring together the properties of available materials and the demands derived from intended applications. The logic of problem states and state transitions in such programs, including assessment criteria and heuristic principles, is described in settheoretic terms, starting with a naive model comprising an intended profile and the operational profile of a prototype. In a first concretization the useful distinction between structural and functional properties is built into the model. In two further concretizations the inclusion of (...)
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  4. In Mood Enhancement.Ron Berghmans, Ruud ter Meulen, Andrea Malizia & Rein Vos - 2011 - In Guy Kahane, Julian Savulescu & Ruud Ter Meulen (eds.), Enhancing Human Capacities.
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  5. Enhancement?Rein Vos - 2011 - In Guy Kahane, Julian Savulescu & Ruud Ter Meulen (eds.), Enhancing Human Capacities. pp. 194.
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  6.  9
    Pharmacological and Therapeutic Profiling in Drug Innovation: The Early History of the Beta Blockers.Rein Vos & Henk Bodewitz - 1988 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 31 (4):469.
  7.  7
    Voice Beyond Choice: Hesitant Voice in Public Debates About Genetics in Health Care.Ruth Benschop, Klasien Horstman & Rein Vos - 2003 - Health Care Analysis 11 (2):141-150.
    The rise of genetic techniques presents a great promise as well as some difficult dilemma's about how genetics will affect the way we will be able to live our lives. For this reason, in many countries, public debates are organized to reflect upon the development of predictive medicine. In this essay we focus on economist A. Hirschman's work on “exit, voice and loyalty” to analyse and enrich these public debates. We first introduce Hirschman's triad of concepts and focus on the (...)
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