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    Contract Remedies and Inalienable Rights*: RANDY E. BARNETT.Randy E. Barnett - 1986 - Social Philosophy and Policy 4 (1):179-202.
    I. Introduction Two kinds of remedies have traditionally been employed for breach of contract: legal relief and equitable relief. Legal relief normally takes the form of money damages. Equitable relief normally consists either of specific performance or an injunction – that is, the party in breach may be ordered to perform an act or to refrain from performing an act. In this article I will use a “consent theory of contract” to assess the choice between money damages and specific performance. (...)
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  2. The Structure of Liberty: Justice and the Rule of Law.Randy E. Barnett - 2000 - Mind 109 (433):131-135.
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    The Structure of Liberty: Justice and the Rule of Law.Randy E. Barnett - 2000 - Oxford University Press UK.
    In this provocative and engaging new book, Randy Barnett outlines a powerful and original theory of liberty structured by the liberal conception of justice and the rule of law. Drawing on insights from philosophy, political theory, economics, and law, he shows how this new conception of liberty can confront, and solve, the central societal problems of knowledge, interest, and power.
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  4. Getting Even: Restitution, Preventive Detention, and the Tort/Crime Distinction.Randy E. Barnett - 1996 - Boston University Law Review 76:157-168.
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    The Function of Several Property and Freedom of Contract*: RANDY E. BARNETT.Randy E. Barnett - 1992 - Social Philosophy and Policy 9 (1):62-94.
    Suppose you are on a commercial airplane that is flying at 35,000 feet. Next to you sits a man who appears to be sleeping. In fact, this man has been drugged and put upon the plane without his knowledge or consent. He has never flown on a plane before and, indeed, has no idea what an airplane is. Suddenly the man awakes and looks around him. Terrified by the alien environment in which he finds himself, he searches for a door (...)
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