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    Reply to professor Puccetti.R. W. Sperry - 1977 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 2 (2):145-146.
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    Macro- versus micro-determinism.R. W. Sperry - 1986 - Philosophy of Science 53 (2):265-270.
    Most readers will agree with the starting assumptions of Klee that contemporary science and philosophy assume a primarily micro-deterministic view of nature–and that this has long been the case, or was at least until the 1970s. Defending a strict micro-determinism, Klee argues that concepts of emergence that seemingly are opposed to micro-determinist doctrine can be shown, on analysis, to be ultimately consistent with a thoroughgoing philosophy of micro-determinism. An exception is made, however, in the case of my own view, labeled (...)
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  3. Hemispheric interaction and the mind-brain problem.R. W. Sperry - 1966 - In John C. Eccles (ed.), Brain and Conscious Experience. Springer. pp. 298--313.
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    Science and the problem of values.R. W. Sperry - 1974 - Zygon 9 (1):7-21.
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