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    Aristotle on God: Divine Nous as Unmoved Mover.R. Michael Olson - 2013 - In Jeanine Diller & Asa Kasher (eds.), Models of God and Alternative Ultimate Realities. Springer. pp. 101--109.
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    Doing Some Good to Friends: Socrates’ Just Treatment of Polemarchus.R. Michael Olson - 2011 - Journal of Philosophical Research 36:149-172.
    In this article I interpret the conversation that takes place between Socrates and Polemarchus in Book One of the Republic according to its dramatic logic by examining the rhetorical artfulness that informs Socrates’ argumentative tactics. After first examining Polemarchus’s character as obedient spiritedness, I then turn to the argument, showing that Socrates does not undermine Polemarchus’s original opinion but, rather, by making legitimate use of the analogy between justice and technē, moves him to attend to the useful knowledge implicit in (...)
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