Richard E. Ashcroft [4]R. E. Ashcroft [3]
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    Genetic Databases and Pharmacogenetics: Introduction.Richard E. Ashcroft & Adam M. Hedgecoe - 2004 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 37 (3):499-502.
    Since the inception of the Human Genome Project, human genetics has frequently been conducted through big science projects, combining academic, state and industrial methods, interests and resources. The legitimacy of such projects has been linked to national prestige and images of the nation, the purity of scientific endeavour, the entrepreneurial spirit, medical progress and the public health. A key complication in these discourses is that large-scale genetic research has yet to show major results when considered in terms of the objectives (...)
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    Ethics Committees in Central and Eastern Europe: Edited by J Glasa for the Council of Europe. IMEB Foundation and Charis A.S.: Order From the Institute of Medical Ethics and Bioethics Foundation, Limbova 12, 83303 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, [email protected], 2001, US$7.00 (Within Europe), US$9 (Elsewhere) (Includes Postage), Pp 266. ISBN 80-88743-40-0. [REVIEW]R. E. Ashcroft - 2002 - Journal of Medical Ethics 28 (5):334-334.
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    Textbook of Research Ethics: Theory and Practice: S Loue. Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2000, US$55.00 (Hb), Pp 255+Xix. ISBN 0-306-46448-. [REVIEW]R. E. Ashcroft - 2002 - Journal of Medical Ethics 28 (3):210-210.