R. B. Jensen [7]R. Björn Jensen [1]
  1. Some Applications of Almost Disjoint Forcing.R. B. Jensen & R. M. Solovay - 1970 - In Yehoshua Bar-Hillel (ed.), Mathematical Logic and Foundations of Set Theory. Amsterdam: North-Holland Pub. Co..
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    The Covering Lemma for L[U].A. J. Dodd & R. B. Jensen - 1982 - Annals of Mathematical Logic 22 (2):127-135.
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    On the Singular Cardinals Problem.Jack Silver, Fred Galvin, Keith J. Devlin & R. B. Jensen - 1981 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 46 (4):864-866.
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    Results on the Generic Kurepa Hypothesis.R. B. Jensen & K. Schlechta - 1990 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 30 (1):13-27.
    K.J. Devlin has extended Jensen's construction of a model ofZFC andCH without Souslin trees to a model without Kurepa trees either. We modify the construction again to obtain a model with these properties, but in addition, without Kurepa trees inccc-generic extensions. We use a partially defined ◊-sequence, given by a fine structure lemma. We also show that the usual collapse ofκ Mahlo toω 2 will give a model without Kurepa trees not only in the model itself, but also inccc-extensions.
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    The Core Model.A. Dodd, R. Jensen, Tony Dodd, Ronald Jensen, A. J. Dodd & R. B. Jensen - 1984 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 49 (2):660-662.
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    Concrete Models of Set Theory.R. B. Jensen & John N. Crossley - 1970 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 35 (3):472-473.
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