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    Characterisation of organisational issues in paediatric clinical ethics consultation: a qualitative study.D. J. Opel, B. S. Wilfond, D. Brownstein, D. S. Diekema & R. A. Pearlman - 2009 - Journal of Medical Ethics 35 (8):477-482.
    Background: The traditional approach to resolving ethics concerns may not address underlying organisational issues involved in the evolution of these concerns. This represents a missed opportunity to improve quality of care “upstream”. The purpose of this study was to understand better which organisational issues may contribute to ethics concerns. Methods: Directed content analysis was used to review ethics consultation notes from an academic children’s hospital from 1996 to 2006 (N = 71). The analysis utilised 18 categories of organisational issues derived (...)
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  2. An Ethical Framework for Rationing Health Care.N. S. Jecker & R. A. Pearlman - 1992 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 17 (1):79-96.
    This paper proposes an ethical framework for rationing publicly financed health care. We begin by classifying alternative rationing criteria according to their ethical basis. We then examine the ethical arguments for four rationing criteria. These alternatives include rationing high technology services, non-basic services, services to patients who receive the least medical benefit, and services that are not equally available to all. We submit that a just health care system will not limit basic health care to persons unable to pay for (...)
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    Caring for Patients in Cross‐Cultural Settings.N. S. Jecker, J. A. Carrese & R. A. Pearlman - 2012 - Hastings Center Report 25 (1):6-14.
    A caregiver from the dominant U.S. culture and a patient from a very different culture can resolve cross‐cultural disputes about treatment, not by compromising important values, but by focusing on the patient's goals.
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    Do Physicians’ Own Preferences for Life-Sustaining Treatment Influence Their Perceptions of Patients’ Preferences?L. J. Schneiderman, R. M. Kaplan, R. A. Pearlman & H. Teetzel - 1993 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 4 (1):28-33.
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