1.  40
    Changes of Intermarriage between Upper Classes of Yi Nationality in Dian & Qian Region since Ming and Qing Dynasty and the Causes.Qianfang Shen & Li Cheng - 2009 - Asian Culture and History 1 (2):P82.
    After the ancestors of Yi Nationality stepped into the class society, their traditional marriage was characterized by hierarchical endogamy, national endogamy, and levirate, etc. However, with rapid reformation of Yi Nationality in Dian and Qian Region since Ming and Qing Dynasty, they had changed their original strict hierarchical system, social structure, national structure, economic structure and ideology, with increasing internal disparate development. The series of changes not only broke traditional marriage form, and challenged the hierarchical endogamy and national endogamy, but (...)
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  2.  14
    The Influences of Yi Chieftains' Intermarriage on Southwestern Area from Ming Dynasty to the Republic of China.Qianfang Shen & Jiaxian Qian - 2009 - Asian Culture and History 1 (1):P31.
    The Yi nationality mainly resides in Yunnan province, Sichuan province and Guizhou province and has a large population. After their antecedents entered into class society, in marriage status, there formed characteristics of inner nationality marriage, outer clan marriage, inner class marriage and trans-family marriage. After the establishment of chieftain system, the level of chieftains appointed by the central kingdom is beyond all other classes and would not marry those of lower classes. They would only marry chieftain families of the same (...)
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  3. Cultural Hegemony in Colonial and Contemporary Literary Discourse on Malaysia 2 Dr. Ganakumaran Subramaniam & Shanthini Pillai “Inquiring Love of This World”: An Implicit Love Theory of Chinese University Students 14 Zhaoxu Li & Fuyang Yu Analysis of Culture and Buyer Behavior in Chinese Market 25. [REVIEW]Yan Luo, Qianfang Shen, Jiaxian Qian, Zubaidah Zainal Abidin, Azwan Abdul Rashid, Kamaruzaman Jusoff, Xiang Xu, Feirui Li, Fan Fang & Hongxia Liu - forthcoming - Asian Culture and History.