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    Outcomes of Moral Case Deliberation - the development of an evaluation instrument for clinical ethics support (the Euro-MCD).Mia Svantesson, Jan Karlsson, Pierre Boitte, Jan Schildman, Linda Dauwerse, Guy Widdershoven, Reidar Pedersen, Martijn Huisman & Bert Molewijk - 2014 - BMC Medical Ethics 15 (1):30.
    Clinical ethics support, in particular Moral Case Deliberation, aims to support health care providers to manage ethically difficult situations. However, there is a lack of evaluation instruments regarding outcomes of clinical ethics support in general and regarding Moral Case Deliberation (MCD) in particular. There also is a lack of clarity and consensuses regarding which MCD outcomes are beneficial. In addition, MCD outcomes might be context-sensitive. Against this background, there is a need for a standardised but flexible outcome evaluation instrument. The (...)
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    Institutional Challenges for Clinical Ethics Committees.Andrea Dörries, Pierre Boitte, Ana Borovecki, Jean-Philippe Cobbaut, Stella Reiter-Theil & Anne-Marie Slowther - 2011 - HEC Forum 23 (3):193-205.
    Clinical ethics committees (CECs) have been developing in many countries since the 1980s, more recently in the transitional countries in Eastern Europe. With their increasing profile they are now faced with a range of questions and challenges regarding their position within the health care organizations in which they are situated: Should CECs be independent bodies with a critical role towards institutional management, or should they be an integral part of the hospital organization? In this paper, we discuss the organizational context (...)
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    The role of the clinical ethicist in the hospital.Pierre Boitte - 1998 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 1 (1):65-70.
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    Bioinformatics: The philosophical and ethical issues at stake in a new modality of research practices.Armelle de Bouvet, Claude Deschamps, Pierre Boitte & Dominique Boury - 2006 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 9 (2):201-209.
    This article deals with the integration of ethical reflection into the research practices of the project at the Lille Nord-Pas-de-Calais genopole: “Multifactorial genetic pathologies and therapeutic innovations”. The general hypothesis of this text is that changes in research practices in biology (mainly through the use of bioinformatics) imply changes in medical practices, which require critical reflection. This hypothesis could be broken down into three sub-hypotheses: (1) Research in biology is undergoing a complete transformation; (2) Research in biology is a cultural (...)
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