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    Information Completeness in Nelson Algebras of Rough Sets Induced by Quasiorders.Jouni Järvinen, Piero Pagliani & Sándor Radeleczki - 2013 - Studia Logica 101 (5):1073-1092.
    In this paper, we give an algebraic completeness theorem for constructive logic with strong negation in terms of finite rough set-based Nelson algebras determined by quasiorders. We show how for a quasiorder R, its rough set-based Nelson algebra can be obtained by applying Sendlewski’s well-known construction. We prove that if the set of all R-closed elements, which may be viewed as the set of completely defined objects, is cofinal, then the rough set-based Nelson algebra determined by the quasiorder R forms (...)
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    Remarks on special lattices and related constructive logics with strong negation.Piero Pagliani - 1990 - Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 31 (4):515-528.
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    Crypto-preorders, topological relations, information and logic.Piero Pagliani - 2024 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 34 (2-3):330-367.
    As is well known, any preorder R on a set U induces an Alexandrov topology on U. In some interesting cases related to data mining an Alexandrov topology can be transformed into different types of logico-algebraic models. In some cases, (pre)topological operators provided by Pointless Topology may define a topological space on U even if R is not a preorder. If this is the case, then we call R a crypto-preorder. The paper studies the conditions under which a relation R (...)
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    Information gaps as communication needs: A new semantic foundation for some non-classical logics. [REVIEW]Piero Pagliani - 1997 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 6 (1):63-99.
    Semantics connected to some information based metaphor are well-known in logic literature: a paradigmatic example is Kripke semantic for Intuitionistic Logic. In this paper we start from the concrete problem of providing suitable logic-algebraic models for the calculus of attribute dependencies in Formal Contexts with information gaps and we obtain an intuitive model based on the notion of passage of information showing that Kleene algebras, semi-simple Nelson algebras, three-valued ukasiewicz algebras and Post algebras of order three are, in a sense, (...)
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