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  1. Supervisors and Academic Integrity: Supervisors as Exemplars and Mentors. [REVIEW]Phillip W. Gray & Sara R. Jordan - 2012 - Journal of Academic Ethics 10 (4):299-311.
    The inculcation of academic integrity among post-graduate students is an ongoing concern for universities across the world. While various researchers have focused on causal relations between forms of instruction, student characteristics, and possession of academic integrity, there is need for an increased examination of the role of supervisors in shaping student perceptions of academic integrity. Unlike the undergraduate level, where student interaction with professors is often limited, post-graduate students have an ongoing relationship with their supervisors, whether at the Masters or (...)
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    Research Integrity in Greater China: Surveying Regulations, Perceptions and Knowledge of Research Integrity From a Hong Kong Perspective.Sara R. Jordan & Phillip W. Gray - 2013 - Developing World Bioethics 13 (3):125-137.
    In their 2010 article ‘Research Integrity in China: Problems and Prospects’, Zeng and Resnik challenge others to engage in empirical research on research integrity in China. Here we respond to that call in three ways: first, we provide updates to their analysis of regulations and allegations of scientific misconduct; second, we report on two surveys conducted in Hong Kong that provide empirical backing to describe ways in which problems and prospects that Zeng and Resnik identify are being explored; and third, (...)
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    Responsible Conduct of Research Training and Trust Between Research Postgraduate Students and Supervisors.Sara R. Jordan & Phillip W. Gray - 2012 - Ethics and Behavior 22 (4):297 - 314.
    Does responsible conduct of research (RCR) training improve levels of trust between researchers? Using data gathered as part of a survey on the attitudes of master's and doctoral-level students toward RCR, we found that RCR training correlated with a weakened beliefs of students toward their supervisors' ethicality but a stronger belief in the ethicality of their peers. We believe that these findings point to new avenues of research on trust in the academic setting and to needs for curriculum changes in (...)
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    Reporting Ethics Committee Approval in Public Administration Research.Sara R. Jordan & Phillip W. Gray - 2014 - Science and Engineering Ethics 20 (1):77-97.
    While public administration research is thriving because of increased attention to social scientific rigor, lingering problems of methods and ethics remain. This article investigates the reporting of ethics approval within public administration publications. Beginning with an overview of ethics requirements regarding research with human participants, I turn to an examination of human participants protections for public administration research. Next, I present the findings of my analysis of articles published in the top five public administration journals over the period from 2000 (...)
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    Weaponized NonCombatants: A Moral Conundrum of Future Asymmetrical Warfare.Phillip W. Gray - 2014 - Journal of Military Ethics 13 (3):240-256.
    Do noncombatants in warfare receive immunity because of their subjective or objective characteristics? Can a noncombatant be ‘weaponized’, and if so, how does this weaponization change the noncombatant's moral status as protected from direct attack? The purpose of this article is to analyze the moral issues that arise when noncombatants are made into weapons, specifically as delivery systems for biological weaponry. Examining such a tactic, I go on to explore how the problems that arise from ‘weaponized’ noncombatants illustrate deeper problems (...)
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    Political Theology and the Theology of Politics: Carl Schmitt and Medieval Christian Political Thought1.Phillip W. Gray - 2007 - Humanitas 20 (1-2):175-200.
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