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    Distinguishing heat from light in debate over controversial fossils.Philip C. J. Donoghue & Mark A. Purnell - 2009 - Bioessays 31 (2):178-189.
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    MicroRNA annotation of plant genomes − Do it right or not at all.Richard S. Taylor, James E. Tarver, Alireza Foroozani & Philip C. J. Donoghue - 2017 - Bioessays 39 (2):1600113.
    MicroRNAs are non‐coding regulators of gene expression and key factors in development, disease, and targets for bioengineering. Consequently, microRNAs have become essential elements of already burgeoning draft plant genome descriptions where their annotation is often particularly poor, contributing unduly to the corruption of public databases. Using the Citrus sinensis as an example, we highlight and review common failings of miRNAome annotations. Understanding and exploiting the role of miRNAs in plant biology will be stymied unless the research community acts decisively to (...)
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    The origin and evolution of the neural crest.Philip C. J. Donoghue, Anthony Graham & Robert N. Kelsh - 2008 - Bioessays 30 (6):530-541.
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