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    Blindsight in man and monkey.Petra Stoerig & Alan Cowey - 1997 - Brain 120:535-59.
  2. Wavelength sensitivity in blindsight. Wavelength sensitivity in blindsight.Petra Stoerig & Alan Cowey - 1989 - Brain 115:425-44.
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  3. The neurobiology of blindsight.Alan Cowey & Petra Stoerig - 1991 - Trends in Neurosciences 14:140-5.
  4. Reflections on blindsight.Alan Cowey & Petra Stoerig - 1992 - In A. David Milner & M. D. Rugg (eds.), The Neuropsychology of Consciousness. Academic Press.
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    Low-level phenomenal vision despite unilateral destruction of primary visual cortex.Petra Stoerig & Erhardt Barth - 2001 - Consciousness and Cognition 10 (4):574-587.
    GY, an extensively studied human hemianope, is aware of salient visual events in his cortically blind field but does not call this ''vision.'' To learn whether he has low-level conscious visual sensations or whether instead he has gained conscious knowledge about, or access to, visual information that does not produce a conscious phenomenal sensation, we attempted to image process a stimulus s presented to the impaired field so that when the transformed stimulus T(s) was presented to the normal hemifield it (...)
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    Aware or unaware: Assessment of cortical blindness in four men and a monkey.Petra Stoerig, Aspasia Zontanou & Alan Cowey - 2002 - Cerebral Cortex 12 (6):565-574.
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    Sustained extrastriate cortical activation without visual awareness revealed by fMRI studies in hemianopic patients.Rainer Goebel, Lars Muckli, Friedhelm E. Zanella, Wolf Singer & Petra Stoerig - 2001 - Vision Research 41 (10):1459-1474.
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  8. Seeing sounds and tingling tongues: Qualia in synaesthesia and sensory substitution.Michael Proulx & Petra Stoerig - 2006 - Anthropology and Philosophy 7 (1-2):135-150.
    In this paper we wish to bring together two seemingly independent areas of research: synaesthesia and sensory substitution. Synaesthesia refers to a rare condition where a sensory stimulus elicits not only the sensation that stimulus evokes in its own modality, but an additional one; a synaesthete may thus hear the word “Monday”, and, in addition to hearing it, have a concurrent visual experience of a red color. Sensory substitution, in contrast, attempts to substitute a sensory modality that a person has (...)
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    Wavelength sensitivity in blindsight.Petra Stoerig & Alan Cowey - 1989 - Nature 342:916-18.
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    Varieties of vision: From blind responses to conscious recognition.Petra Stoerig - 1998 - In Stuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak & A. C. Scott (eds.), Toward a Science of Consciousness II. MIT Press. pp. 2--297.
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    Visual perception and phenomenal consciousness.Petra Stoerig & Alan Cowey - 1995 - Behavioural Brain Research 71:147-156.
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    Change blindness and time to consciousness.Michael Niedeggen, Petra Wichmann & Petra Stoerig - 2001 - European Journal of Neuroscience 14 (10):1719-1726.
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    Phenomenal Vision and Apperception: Evidence from Blindsight.Petra Stoerig - 1997 - Mind and Language 12 (2):224-237.
  14. Blindsight and perceptual consciousness: Neuropsychological aspects of striate cortical function.Petra Stoerig & Alan Cowey - 1993 - In B. Gulyas, D. Ottoson & P. Rol (eds.), Functional Organization of the Human Visual Cortex. Pergamon Press.
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    The neuroanatomy of phenomenal vision: A psychological perspective.Petra Stoerig - 2001 - Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 929:176-94.
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    Increment threshold spectral sensitivity in blindsight: Evidence for colour opponency.Petra Stoerig & Alan Cowey - 1991 - Brain 114 (3):1487-1512.
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    Visual detection in monkeys with blindsight.Alan Cowey & Petra Stoerig - 1997 - Neuopsychologia 35:929-39.
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    Synaesthetic perception of colour and visual space in a blind subject: An fMRI case study.Valentina Niccolai, Tessa M. van Leeuwen, Colin Blakemore & Petra Stoerig - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (2):889-899.
    In spatial sequence synaesthesia ordinal stimuli are perceived as arranged in peripersonal space. Using fMRI, we examined the neural bases of SSS and colour synaesthesia for spoken words in a late-blind synaesthete, JF. He reported days of the week and months of the year as both coloured and spatially ordered in peripersonal space; parts of the days and festivities of the year were spatially ordered but uncoloured. Words that denote time-units and triggered no concurrents were used in a control condition. (...)
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  19. The visual system and levels of perception: Properties of neuromental organization.Petra Stoerig & Stephan Brandt - 1993 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 14 (2).
    To see whether the mental and the neural have common attributes that could resolve some of the traditional dichotomies, we review neuroscientific data on the visual system. The results show that neuronal and perceptual function share a parallel and hierarchical architecture which is manifest not only in the anatomy and physiology of the visual system, but also in normal perception and in the deficits caused by lesions in different parts of the system. Based on the description of parallel hierarchical levels (...)
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  20. Hunting the ghost: Toward a neuroscience of consciousness.Petra Stoerig - 2007 - In Philip David Zelazo, Morris Moscovitch & Evan Thompson (eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Consciousness. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  21. Neural correlates and levels of conscious and unconscious vision.Bruno G. Breitmeyer & Petra Stoerig - 2006 - In Haluk Ögmen & Bruno G. Breitmeyer (eds.), The First Half Second: The Microgenesis and Temporal Dynamics of Unconscious and Conscious Visual Processes. MIT Press. pp. 35-48.
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    Wavelength processing and colour experience.Petra Stoerig & Alan Cowey - 1992 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 15 (1):53-53.
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    A note on (k)nots: Response to Robert W. Kentridge's commentary.Petra Stoerig & Erhardt Barth - 2001 - Consciousness and Cognition 10 (4):591-593.
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    Vision and Consciousness.Petra Stoerig - 1998 - In Stuart R. Hameroff, Alfred W. Kaszniak & A. C. Scott (eds.), Toward a Science of Consciousness Ii. MIT Press. pp. 2--293.
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    Effects of unseen stimuli on reaction times to seen stimuli in monkeys with blindsight.Alan Cowey, Petra Stoerig & Carolyne Le Mare - 1998 - Consciousness and Cognition 7 (3):312-323.
    In three macaque monkeys with unilateral removal of primary visual cortex and in one unoperated monkey, we measured reaction times to a visual target that was presented at a lateral eccentricity of 20o in the normal, left, visual hemifield. When an additional stimulus was presented at the corresponding position in the right hemifield (hemianopic in three of the monkeys), it significantly slowed the reaction time to the left target if it preceded it by delays from 100-500 msec. The most effective (...)
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  26. Neural correlates of consciousness as state and trait.Petra Stoerig - 2002 - In Lynn Nadel (ed.), The Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science. Macmillan.