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  1. Bricks without straw: Darwinism in the social sciences.Peter T. Saunders - 2003 - Theoria 18 (3):259-272.
    The so-called evolutionary social scienccs are based on the belief that Darwinism can explain the living world and that it therefore should be able to explain other complex systems such as minds and societies. In fact, Darwinism cannot explain biological evolution. It does make an important contribution, but this is towards understanding adaptation, which is a major problem in biology but not in the social sciences. Darwinism has much less to offer to the social sciences than to biology and the (...)
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    Being Clear About the Precautionary Principle.Peter T. Saunders - 2017 - American Journal of Bioethics 17 (3):47-48.
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    Through a Neo‐Darwinian glass darkly.Mae-Wan Ho, Peter T. Saunders & Sidney W. Fox - 1987 - Bioessays 6 (1):1-4.
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    Scotch'd the snake, not killed it.Peter T. Saunders & Mae-Wan Ho - 1987 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 10 (1):83-84.
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    Rational taxonomy and the natural system.Mae-Wan Ho & Peter T. Saunders - 1993 - Acta Biotheoretica 41 (4):289-304.
    Since Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection, the idea of descent with modification came to dominate systematics, and so the study of morphology became subgugated to the reconstruction of phylogenies. Reinstating the organism in the theory of evolution (Ho & Saunders, 1979; Webster & Goodwin, 1982) leads to a project inrational taxonomy (Ho, 1986, 1988a), which attempts to classify biological forms on the basis of transformations on a given dynamical structure.Does rational taxonomy correspond to thenatural system that Linnaeus and (...)
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    The Duty to Register Phase I Trials.Peter T. Saunders - 2009 - American Journal of Bioethics 9 (8):41-42.
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    Experts at the benchside.Peter T. Saunders - 2008 - American Journal of Bioethics 8 (3):20 – 21.