1.  51
    Companion Animal Ethics.Clare Palmer, Sandra Corr & Peter Sandoe - 2015 - Wiley.
    Companion Animal Ethics explores the important ethical questions and problems that arise as a result of humans keeping animals as companions. The first comprehensive book dedicated to ethical and welfare concerns surrounding companion animals Scholarly but still written in an accessible and engaging style Considers the idea of animal companionship and why it should matter ethically Explores problems associated with animals sharing human lifestyles and homes, such as obesity, behavior issues, selective breeding, over-treatment, abandonment, euthanasia and environmental impacts Offers insights (...)
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  2.  73
    For Their Own Good: Captive Cats and Routine Confinement.Clare Palmer & Peter Sandoe - 2014 - In Lori Gruen (ed.), Ethics of Captivity. Oxford University Press. pp. 135-155.
  3.  8
    De-Domestication: Ethics at the Intersection of Landscape Restoration and Animal Welfare.Christian Gamborg, Bart Gremmen, Stine B. Christiansen & Peter Sandoe - 2010 - Environmental Values 19 (1):57-78.
    De-domestication is the deliberate establishment of a population of domesticated animals or plants in the wild. In time, the population should be able to reproduce, becoming self-sustainable and incorporating 'wild' animals. Often de-domestication is part of a larger nature restoration scheme, aimed at creating landscapes anew, or re-creating former habitats. De-domestication is taken up in this paper because it both engages and raises questions about the major norms governing animals and nature. The debate here concerns whether animals undergoing de-domestication should (...)
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  4.  76
    Ethics of WIldife Management and Conservation: What Should We Try To Protect?Christian Gambourg, Clare Palmer & Peter Sandoe - 2012 - Nature Education Knowledge 3 (7):8.
  5. Animal Ethics.Clare Palmer & Peter Sandoe - 2011 - In Michael Appleby, Barry Hughes, Joy Mench & Anna Ollson (eds.), Animal Welfare. CABI International. pp. 1-12.
    This chapter introduces ans discusses different views concerning our duties towards animals. First, we explain why we should engage in reasoning about animal ethics, rather than relying on intuitions or feelings alone. Secondly, we present and discuss five different kinds of views about the nature of our duties to animals. These are: contractarianism, utilitarianism, animal rights views, contextual views and what we call a "respect for nature" view. Finally, we briefly consider whether it is possible to combine elements from the (...)
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  6. Fat Companions: Understanding Canine and Feline Obesity and its Effects on Welfare.Peter Sandoe, Sandra Cprr & Clare Palmer - 2014 - In Michael Appleby, Dan Weary & Peter Sandoe (eds.), Dilemmas in Animal Welfare. CABI International. pp. 28-45.
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