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Peter Fröst
Chalmers University of Technology
  1.  21
    Human Skin Color: A Possible Relationship Between Its Sexual Dimorphism and Its Social Perception.Peter Frost - 1988 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 32 (1):38-58.
  2.  10
    Are Fungal Pathogens Manipulating Human Behavior?Peter Frost - 2020 - Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 63 (4):591-601.
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  3.  13
    Fair women, dark men: The forgotten roots of colour prejudice.Peter Frost - 1990 - History of European Ideas 12 (5):669-679.
  4.  2
    Romantic motives—Essays on anthropological sensibility.Peter Frost - 1991 - History of European Ideas 13 (4):451-453.
  5. Society against the state.Peter Frost - 1991 - History of European Ideas 13 (6):857-858.
  6.  11
    Sex differences may indeed exist for 3-d navigational abilities: But was sexual selection responsible?Peter Frost - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (3):443-444.
    Polygyny does not necessarily entail sexual selection of men. All factors that affect the operational sex ratio must be considered. Data from contemporary hunter-gatherers indicate higher mortality rates in men than in women, and lost female reproductive time. If sexual selection did occur in ancestral hunter-gatherers, it was probably men selecting women and not women selecting men.
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    White Skin Privilege: Modern Myth, Forgotten Past.Peter Frost - 2020 - Evolutionary Studies in Imaginative Culture 4 (2):63-82.
    European women dominate images of beauty, presumably because Europe has dominated the world for the past few centuries. Yet this presumed cause poorly explains “white slavery”-the commodification of European women for export at a time when their continent was much less dominant. Actually, there has long been a cross-cultural preference for lighter-skinned women, with the notable exception of modern Western culture. This cultural norm mirrors a physical norm: skin sexually differentiates at puberty, becoming fairer in girls, and browner and ruddier (...)
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