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    Does Mental Number Line Training Work? The Effects of Cognitive Training on Real-Life Mathematics, Numeracy, and Decision Making.Agata Sobkow, Kamil Fulawka, Pawel Tomczak, Piotr Zjawiony & Jakub Traczyk - 2019 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 25 (3):372-385.
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    Does Fear Increase Search Effort in More Numerate People? An Experimental Study Investigating Information Acquisition in a Decision From Experience Task.Jakub Traczyk, Dominik Lenda, Jakub Serek, Kamil Fulawka, Pawel Tomczak, Karol Strizyk, Anna Polec, Piotr Zjawiony & Agata Sobkow - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    The Mechanism of Non-Numerical Anchoring Heuristic Based on Magnitude Priming: Is It Just the Basic Anchoring Effect in Disguise?Jakub Traczyk & Pawel Tomczak - 2017 - Polish Psychological Bulletin 48 (3):401-410.
    The anchoring heuristic refers to phenomena when an arbitrary number affects subsequent numerical estimations. Oppenheimer, LeBoeuf and Brewer showed that it is not necessary for the anchor to be a numerical value, yet current models describing the anchoring heuristic do not fully account for the mechanism of non-numerical anchoring. However, this effect shows similarity to the basic anchoring effect - obtained without the comparative question and based on the availability of the given number in working memory. In this study, we (...)
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