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    Managing disagreement through yes, but… constructions: An argumentative analysis.Paula Castro, Marcin Lewiński, Dima Mohammed & Mehmet Ali Uzelgun - 2015 - Discourse Studies 17 (4):467-484.
    The goal of this study is to examine the argumentative functions of concessive yes, but… constructions. Based on interview transcripts, we examine the ways environmental activists negotiate their agreements and disagreements over climate change through yes, but… constructions. Starting from conversational analyses of such concessive sequences, we develop an account grounded in argumentative discourse analysis, notably pragma-dialectics. The analysis focuses on how in conceding arguments speakers re-present others’ discourse, what types of criticism they exercise through particular sequential patterns and which (...)
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    A Social Representations Approach To The Communication Between Different Spheres: An Analysis Of The Impacts Of Two Discursive Formats.Susana Batel & Paula Castro - 2009 - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 39 (4):415-433.
    This paper discusses the potential of the notions of reification and consensualization as developed by the theory of social representations as analytical tools for addressing the communication between the lay and scientific spheres. Social Representations Theory started by offering an over-sharp distinction between the reified and the consensual universes of which science and common sense, respectively, were presented as paradigmatic. This paper, however, suggests that the notions of consensual and reified can be considered as describing two distinct communicative formats: reification (...)
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    Genetically modified organisms in the portuguese press: Thematization and anchoring.Paula Castro & Isabel Gomes - 2005 - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 35 (1):1–17.
    The main aim of this paper is to examine how the recent themata developments in Social Representations Theory can be linked with the classical process involved in the construction of social representations—anchoring—, as well as with the communicative modalities that are part of the theory since its inception. This was done through a study of the representation of GMOs in the Portuguese press, taken as an opportunity for addressing the issues related to the role played by old categories in rendering (...)
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    (De)humanizing Metaphors of People in Pain and Their Association with the Perceived Quality of nurse-patient Relationship.Eva Diniz, Paula Castro & Sónia F. Bernardes - 2022 - Metaphor and Symbol 37 (4):337-353.
    Metaphors are central in communication and sense-making processes in health-related contexts. Yet how the metaphors used by health-care-professionals to make sense of their patients and their relations to them are associated to the perceived valence of their clinical encounters is underexplored. Drawing-upon the ABC Model of Dehumanization, this study investigated how the humanizing or dehumanizing metaphors nurses’ use for making sense of their pain patients are associated with how they perceived their relationships with them. Fifty female nurses undertook individual narrative-episodic (...)
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